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"It's pretty rare that I hear less than two minutes of a young singer and I am impressed enough to make note of her name so I can research her later, but after seeing Alison Albrecht sing the National Anthem at a Detroit Tigers game I knew I had heard something special.  After hearing her EP and discovering the beauty of originals like "Not Alone" and a re-imagined, excellent take on Stevie Nicks "Edge of Seventeen" I know that I have discovered someone pretty special. I can't wait to see what's ahead."

John Bommarito, 

Ann Arbor's 107one (WQKL-FM)


"When I first saw and heard her, it was hard to believe Albrecht was only 15 years old. Performing as only a seasoned artist can, Albrecht has a flawless voice and she owns the stage."

laurie bedigian,


"I am getting a taste of some really incredible music from right here in Metro Detroit. Sixteen year old Alison Albrecht, blowing my mind."

jennifer ann wilson,

wxyz channel 7

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